Top 10 Design trends for 2018

All hail the return of the 80s! Black and white is making a comeback.

But thankfully the surge in monochrome interiors will be accented with more-subtle pastel colours than it was 30 years ago.

As always, we’ve been devouring style magazines and quizzing our favourite interior designers.  Here’s our top 10 tips for styling your home this year.

1. Monochrome rules! Think black and white with hints of peachy pinks and warmer tones like navy.

2. Simplicity is key – no more fancy colour patterns, think simpler, cleaner and bolder block colours.

3. Brass is back – brass handles and detailing will be everywhere.

4. Dark will continue to thrive… think dark grey ceilings and navy walls

5. Emerald green and pink will be hugely popular.

6. Let it grow: the most stylish homes will have plants and lots of them. Think living walls and ceilings and plenty of hanging plants.

7. Wall art is in… bold statement art and photo collections in stylish frames.

8. Metallic textiles, artwork frames and even wallpaper will be on-trend in 2018.

9. Statement ceilings are making a comeback, whether through paint effects, texture or wallpaper – things are looking up!

10. Terrazzo (a composite material made of chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass) is becoming hugely popular for floors and walls.

We know it’s all very well banging the trend-drum when in reality few of us have the time to redecorate year after year.  But there are some real style junkies out there: 2017 saw a 75% increase in the number of people browsing Pinterest for home-style inspiration.

Our best advice is to choose a few statement pieces you fall in love with and, with a quick lick of paint or wallpaper (on statement walls or ceilings) and a few decorative accessories, you can transform your home and freshen up its look quite cheaply.

Taking this approach and mixing and matching quality items creates a classic look that never dates.

    Think black and white with hints of peachy pinks and warmer tones like navy.

    Posted 18th December 2017


    Vicky BibirisManaging Director

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