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Rapping North London Teacher Takes LA by Storm

Jacob Mitchell’s alternative teaching style is making him a worldwide sensation.

The primary school teacher from North London, who goes by the name MC Grammar, uses music and rapping to help children learn.  Last week he appeared on the Ellen Show in America and on ITV’s This Morning after a video of him rapping “The Gruffalo” to his daughter went viral, with over five million views.

Now the father-of-two is on the brink of further international success with some big news coming soon.  

It’s the culmination of years of hard work and a genuine determination to make a difference to young children.

Jacob told Word on the Street: “Creating resources and sharing different learning approaches has always been part of my teaching style.  Personally, I wasn't very successful at school:  I switched off quickly and disconnected from the curriculum.  I know how easily that happens — and didn't want that to happen to any of the children in my class. 

“All children should be excited about learning.  When they are switched on and tuned in, they are ready to receive the information.  Teach them well and they will thrive.”

Jacob has been using music as a medium since his wife Andrea was pregnant with their eldest child. The couple have two daughters Ellie-Angelina, three, and one-year-old Khloe-Nicole.

He added: “Music, rhythm and rhyme is so powerful, and my girls love dancing, rapping and singing, so why not mix these ingredients with books.”

Appearing on the Ellen show with his family was, he said: “an absolute whirlwind” and “the stuff of dreams.”

Jacob has also developed a range of teaching initiatives, which are used by more than 30,000 children per day worldwide. They include The Word Wheel, which helps children choose from a rich bank of vocabulary to help with sentence construction, The Legends of Literacy (a cartoon series), Code Crackers – an app helping improve understanding of grammar and punctuation and Resilient Reader – a reading superhero helping teach comprehension. Through his work as MC Grammar, he’s composed 45 songs to make grammar and punctuation fun and memorable.

He said: “I want success for all young minds.  They are our future: our leaders, our thinkers, our world.  I also know what it is like to experience isolation — marginalised by society.  When you can't say how you feel, be it because a lack of confidence or knowledge, you are often misunderstood.  And, if you can't say it or write it — you often act it and act up. 

“In a fast-paced world, where communication is key and so important, I want all children to feel they are listened to, but most importantly understood.  Through education, a love of learning and books, they have the best chance to live a life that is fruitful.  Limitless.  They all deserve this:  a chance to live their best life.”

You can watch MC Grammar’s Gruffalo rap here and check him out on the Ellen Show here

Music, rhythm and rhyme is so powerful, and my girls love dancing, rapping and singing, so why not mix these ingredients with books.

Posted 14th June 2019