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Property Launch - Sell Smarter and Sooner

It’s a fact - properties attract the most buyers on their first day on the market. Property Launch from Location Location ensures you take advantage of this one-off opportunity, helping you secure a faster sale, for more money and with less hassle.

How does Property Launch work?

Rather than passively marketing your property online and in the branch window, Property Launch is a more proactive, smarter approach to selling. It uses insight and relationships to target buyers and build desire for your home ahead of an exclusive Launch Event.

Our three-stage strategy has been tried, tested and proven to sell homes 46 days faster and for 3% more than traditional marketing.

Here’s how we’ll do it for you:

Stage 1 - Maximise Interest

We use insight, relationships and technology to attract as many relevant buyers as possible and build interest in your property, and your launch event.

Stage 2 - Launch Event

Your Launch Event is a two-three hour specialist event at your home that capitalises on your property’s ‘new to market’ appeal. It brings dozens of motivated and interested buyers together at the same time, creating a sense of urgency, exclusivity and competition.

Stage 3 - Secure Your Sale

With a specific group of buyers interested in your home as a result of your Launch Event, we ensure they are aware of the competition. This ensures more offers, more quickly and at a higher level than would be achieved with individual, one-off viewings.

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Sell for £25,000 more

Homes sold through Location Location Property Launch sell for 3% more on average than with standard property marketing. Based on the average property price in N16 of £841,000, that’s over £25,000 more to spend on a new home, renovations, or a holiday. More money is a big plus - here’s some more reasons to sell your home through Property Launch:

Sell sooner

Homes sold through Property Launch sell up to 46 days sooner than with Standard Marketing. A fast sale is good - the longer your house stays on the market, the more it drops in value.

Sell higher

What could you do with 3% extra in cash? On average, homes sold through Property Launch sell for 3% more than with Standard Marketing, that’s £25,000 in N16.

Sell easier

All of your viewings are held on a single day, so no heading in and out each weeknight or weekend, and no constant tidying up. Plus, a quicker sale means less stress.

Proven to work

We know Property Launch works because we’ve split-tested it against traditional marketing on hundreds of separate property sales. It always comes out on top, and it can work for you.

Property Launch Vs Property Marketing

  Property Launch Standard Marketing
Multiplies buyer audience
Builds desire and anticipation with buyers
Capitalises on ‘new to market’ buyer motivation
Exclusive Launch Event creating urgency, exclusivity and competition
Designed for a fast sale
Designed to increase sale price


We’re Stoke Newington’s top-selling agent for a reason - Property Launch is helping us sell twice as many homes as any other agent in the area. Reach more buyers, sell quicker and for more money with Property Launch from Location Location.

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Homes sold through Location Location Property Launch sell for 3% more on average than with standard property marketing.

Posted 30th July 2019