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New offices and homes set for Wilmer Place

Wilmer Place looks set for new development after planners gave the thumbs up to four-storey offices and homes on the site of an old car park.

Planning consent was granted despite opposition that the scheme could be detrimental to the nearby Abney Park Cemetery. The Hackney Society fear the balconies will “invade the secluded realm of the cemetery.” 

But council officers described the design as “high quality,” concluding it wouldn’t “have any significant adverse impact” on the adjacent Listed cemetery.

The development has been designed by Belsize Architects and includes 850m2 of office space, 19 homes, a roof terrace, courtyard and three parking spaces. There’ll be wildflower roofs, green walls and solar panels.

A spokesperson for Belsize Architects said the heritage of Abney Park had been at the forefront of their design considerations.

They added: “A mews typology creates a legible visual relationship with the surrounding buildings, bringing a coherent architectural character and a strong sense of place. A large open space in front of the building forms a green square, which helps to redefine the urban fabric locally and provides an environment for neighbours to connect.”

A report by Hackney Council’s planning officer said the building’s design and massing would: “preserve and enhance the setting of the conservation area” and “cause less than substantial harm to the setting of the listed buildings and registered park.”

Abney Park Cemetery is one of the Magnificent Seven graveyards, built to meet demand in the 1830s. Other objectors to the scheme included the Stoke Newington Conservation Areas Advisory Committee and the local authority’s own Libraries, Leisure and Green Spaces department.

This development is a far cry from earlier proposals, which were submitted by other developers. Earlier plans included a supermarket and 53 homes.  That application attracted several legal challenges before it was abandoned, and the land was sold off in smaller chunks.

Casa Bella Developments, who are behind these proposals, acquired the land recently after proposals in 2016 for eight homes and some office space failed to come to fruition.

The design features brick tones, which architects say will help distinguish the top floor from the main body of the building, while much of the balustrades, fences and residential doors will be dark to give a domestic feel.  There’ll also be extensive landscaping and planting.

Construction is expected to start this summer.


Construction is expected to start this summer.

Posted 15th March 2019