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New clinic offers a chilly New Year’s boost

Cryotherapy is the latest trend among fitness stars and celebrities – now a clinic in Stoke Newington is offering the chilling treatment to locals.

The sight of Rita Ora in an icy cold chamber (at -209 degrees) has sparked discussion about the benefit of Cryotherapy.

Those in favour of the modern treatment, which involves subjecting the body to temperatures which are colder than anything naturally appearing on this planet, claim it helps reduce inflammation, reduce pain, improve sleep and release endorphins.

Saisei Cryotherapy Studio in Barn Street opened in September and is already proving a hit with locals.

Customers are offered three different treatments:

Whole body cryotherapy (step into the Cryosauna for up to three minutes and the air around you drops to between -120 and -160 degrees).

A Cryofacial (which the clinic claims will decrease pore size, stimulate collagen production, tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles and increasing blood flow to reduce toxins in the skin).

Localised Cryotherapy to target specific problem area (lasts 5-10 minutes).

Saisei claims: “During a Cryotherapy treatment, blood rushes to the core as a survival mechanism in reaction to the sub-zero temperatures. The blood becomes very oxygenated and nutrient-dense. Minutes after the treatment, blood rushes back through the body, removing toxins and inflammation and encouraging natural healing. Increasing metabolic rate and stimulating the release of endorphins."

Other claimed impacts of cryotherapy are a boosted immune system, alleviation of depression and migraines, improved circulation, support with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Cryotherapy is championed by athletes like LeBron James, it’s used by the Italian rugby union squad and Premier League clubs Manchester City, Watford and Leicester have their own cryotherapy chambers as an alternative to more commonly used ice bath treatments.

Cold has been used in medicine for a considerable time – to freeze warts, kill cancer cells and slow metabolic processes during surgery.  Cryotherapy was developed in Japan and reached Europe in the 80s.  Although the benefits are widely promoted, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t convinced.

Last year Dr. Aron Yustein, a medical officer in the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said: “Given a growing interest from consumers in whole body cryotherapy, the FDA has informally reviewed the medical literature available on this subject. We found very little evidence about its safety or effectiveness in treating the conditions for which it is being promoted,"


    Saisei Cryotherapy Studio in Barn Street opened in September and is already proving a hit with locals.

    Posted 15th January 2018


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