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Meet the fitness expert helping Stokey mums get back in shape

A pre and postnatal fitness guru has relaunched her personal training business after taking time out to raise her children.

Nicola Sinclair's Fit to Pop and Post Pop sessions have been hugely popular with local mums looking to get back in shape and, after almost three years out, she's back and full of enthusiasm.

The mother of two used to have a creative role at a boutique advertising agency, but when it was bought out by a bigger firm, she began to lose heart.

She said: "I'd always wanted to have my own business but It's incredibly hard to do that in the advertising industry. I was always into health and fitness and started taking courses on the side to become a personal trainer."

But half way through the training Nicola, who'd been told she couldn't fall pregnant easily after suffering a tumour, fell pregnant. Her son Tyler is now almost six and she finished training to become a personal trainer while he was tiny.

She added: "When he was born I realised it would be hard to go back to the advertising world as a mum - the industry just wasn't geared up to offering work-life balance. I'd already started pursuing a career in fitness so once things were calmer, I picked up where I left off.

"My personal trainer at the time had loads of celebrity clients -  I thought he must know someone in women's prenatal fitness but he didn't. That got me thinking and I decided to make that my speciality."

Nicola furthered her training with "the queen bee of postnatal education" Jenny Burrell and, once qualified, started training her mum friends.  She was a regular face in former Stoke Newington children's shop Born, running workshops and courses there.

Three years ago, Nicola had another baby, Clara, who suffered serious allergies, so she took time out to care for her.

"We had over 70 medical appointments for Clara before her first birthday", added Nicola. "And I was on a strict diet too because of her allergies. That combined with sleep deprivation meant I couldn't give work my all."

Nicola, who also has a good grasp on nutrition, takes a holistic approach to women's health and helps clients tune in to their bodies, from sleep to food, supplements they may need to take and the way their monthly cycle maybe impacting things.  One client lost three stone in just seven months.

Fit to Pop and Post Pop sessions mainly take place at clients' homes - so they're relaxed and don't have to arrange childcare for their babies.


To find out more email nicolasinclairpt@gmail.com

    Nicola Sinclair's Fit to Pop and Post Pop sessions have been hugely popular with local mums

    Posted 5th March 2018


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