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Life-changing mental health conference back for a second year

A mental health conference, inspired by the deaths of two Stoke Newington teenagers, is empowering locals and providing a lifeline.

For a second year running, the Safaplace conference will bring together skilled speakers for a series of workshops aimed at ‘Getting the right Help.’  Key topics will include covering the transition from primary to secondary school and from child to adult mental health services.

There’ll also be talks on managing teenage challenges such as social media, exam stress, misuse of drugs, eating disorders and much more. It’s open to adults, health professionals, school staff and young people aged 14 and over.  There’ll be 16 workshops.

The event takes place on Saturday May 11 at Stoke Newington School (10am till 4pm) and, though tickets are free, Safaplace welcomes any donations on its Just Giving page.

Jenna Fansa, of family website StokeyParents, said: “The pressures on young people are immense and the challenges they face are so different than those this generation of parents faced when we were teenagers.  Having a charity so dedicated to informing and educating parents and giving us practical methods to help, is quite literally a lifeline and I’m sure it’s having a huge impact on the wellbeing of young people in our community.

“I spoke at length with parents who attended last year’s conference – they say the lessons they learnt helped them understand better the pressures faced by their children and to provide the right help and reassurance. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the amazing mothers who set this charity up.”

Safaplace was set up by Rose White, whose son Harry Lisle died in October 2016, and Sarah Finke, whose daughter Rachel died in January the following year.  Both were pupils at Stoke Newington School, though their deaths were not linked. Their mothers set up the charity Safaplace to help teenagers fight mental health issues.

For further details visit: www.safaplace.org


    The pressures on young people are immense

    Posted 7th May 2019