It’s Plastic Free July!

How small changes can make a massive difference.

The wonderful Plastic Free Foundation wants us to imagine a world without plastic waste and are on a mission to build a global movement that dramatically reduces plastic use and improves recycling, worldwide. 

​Closer to home, the Plastic Free Hackney campaign, run by the amazing Bettina, is a great online resource if you want to follow a greener lifestyle. Check out their regular events where you can meet like-minded people. 

We’re all aware of the cost to the environment of single-use plastic. We’re also aware that, no matter how good our intentions, it’s really hard to avoid using plastic on an everyday basis. 

It helps to start with a change of mindset and these simple steps.

First, set aside a container for all your plastic waste and see what you’re using over the course of a week. 

Now you have a better idea of your plastic imprint, keep only the plastic items you use on a regular basis and think twice before buying anything new. When you do buy, choose good quality that will last. 

And here are some actions you can take every day to declutter plastic from your home – and help make a difference.

1. Find out more about how plastic is recycled in your area and use that local resource. 

2. Keep reusable shopping bags to hand for when you go grocery shopping (I always carry a couple in my backpack).

3. Out shopping, see if there’s a plastic-free alternative (I always choose fruit and vegetables that come unwrapped). 

4. Avoid buying water or other drinks in plastic bottles. Make a habit of always carrying a reusable bottle with you and do the same for your children.

5. Choose materials like glass, steel or bamboo when buying new containers for your home. Think of reusing the containers you already have while you look for alternatives. And, being too radical and ditching every plastic thing you own isn’t necessarily the solution: consider the effect that might have on landfill sites. 

6. Avoid buying plastic toys which can break easily and are hard to reuse, up-cycle or recycle. Plenty of toys these days are made with biodegradable materials like wood or paper. 

Look out for inspiring stories about other people’s journeys, get creative and have fun. If it starts to feel overwhelming, focus on what you’re achieving and always give yourself the time when you’re bringing positive changes into your home and your life. Becoming plastic-free doesn’t need to end in July!


It helps to start with a change of mindset

Posted 1st July 2019