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Have you spotted Stokey’s world-famous Skateboarding dog?

A skateboarding Stoke Newington dog who had a skate date with Tony Hawk in Clissold Park is doing his bit for charity.

Eric, AKA Erocdog, was catapulted to world fame when videos of him skateboarding went viral. Now he’s helping to raise the profile of a campaign to save the historic home of London skateboarding at the Southbank and of a charity creating skateparks for children in Palestine.

The three-year-old French Bulldog has over 30,000 Instagram followers, is set to appear on an ITV show about the nation’s favourite dog breeds and has turned down offers to appear on Britain’s Got Talent.

His owner Joel Deason, once a keen skateboarder, said seeing Eric boarding for the first time was a complete shock: “I used to skate a bit when I was younger, but not so much now. When we first got Eric I used to take him to the park with me to hangout, and watch the skaters. I didn’t want him to be one of those dogs that went mental at skateboards.

“One-day when he was still a puppy, we were by the fountain near the bowling green at Clissold Park and I suddenly realised I couldn’t see Eric – then I noticed this kid screaming something about a skateboard. Eric had taken it and was rolling off down the hill on it.

“Another time after that, he bolted as soon as he saw the skatepark, straight in and onto a board – he just dropped in. I considered stopping it a few times, I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea but it’s instinctive – he really wants to be skateboarding. Since then he has done some bonkers stuff on the board – he even landed a kick-flick once! That was definitely a fluke though, and we didn’t capture it on camera.”

It’s thought that bull breeds like this have more muscular forearms than other dogs that enable them to grip things.

Joel said: “The attention he’s gets has been slightly overwhelming. It first started to go really crazy when pro-BMX rider Greg Illingworth shared a video of Eric on his Facebook page.”

Things escalated even further when Tony Hawk liked and then shared a post of Eric on his own Instagram. Shortly after that he sent a direct message asking if Eric “might be in Cali anytime soon?” Sadly not, but this summer, Hawk visited London with his daughter, Kady, and arranged to meet.

Joel added: “He was cool as!  He joined us for  ‘Breakfast Club’ at the local, and followed Eric around the bowl for a few runs. One chap was walking his dogs and recognised Tony – I think his brain melted at the sight of his boyhood hero skating in Clissold Park. He could barely speak, but still managed a selfie.”

The meeting with Hawk lasted around an hour and at the end he handed Eric his board, signed: ‘Keep ripping Eroc.’

Eric is sponsored by Skate_pal for boards, SML Wheels, Egg Skatewear, Most Wanted Streetwear, and a raw pet-food manufacturer, Nature’s Menu. 

Videos of him skateboarding are helping to raise the profile of Skate_pal and SkateQilya’s mission to build a skatepark in the village of Jayyous in the West Bank.  http://www.skatepal.co.uk/

To learn more about the campaign to preserve The Southbank Undercroft visit http://www.llsb.com/about

To see a video of Eric & Tony Hawk click here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BW8aEQOjr39/?hl=en&taken-by=erocdog


Posted 16th October 2017


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