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Estate AI-gent, new tech helps sell homes quicker

New machine learning technology is being used to reach a huge hidden audience of property buyers, even bigger than users of Rightmove and Zoopla. Agents with access to this technology are selling properties faster and for more money.

Location Location has become one of the first in the country to integrate machine learning into their sales service, which allows the estate agent to look beyond property websites and target potential buyers who haven’t started their property search.

Managing Director, Vicky Bibiris, explains: “We've just launched our new machine learning software called Origin, a social media tool which serves your property advert via social media and Google and builds a picture of who sees it.

“When someone clicks or taps on an ad, the software automatically serves the same advert to those with similar profiles and it uses the data it collects to send more tailored adverts in the future.”

Sellers using Location Location have seen their property reach 250% more people compared to traditional marketing, and it’s already speeding up sales and achieving higher prices. 

“There are plenty of people who are in the market for a new home who just haven’t begun their search. It’s these people Origin reaches. The software quickly builds a picture of who is engaging with the adverts and what kinds of features attract them, so the adverts become more tailored and effective over time.

“As Origin builds a picture of what people are looking for in a property, it becomes smarter at sending them properties that tick the right boxes. Those browsing on social media can opt out if they’d rather not receive the adverts, but even those who aren’t interested in buying tell us the adverts are still of interest and a good source of style inspiration!”

The Origin AI creates up to 72 different adverts for a property, each highlighting different features of a home. It then shares the adverts on Facebook, Instagram and Google, reaching an untapped passive audience, as well as those actively looking to buy. The technology has already reduced property sale times by over 25%.

As MD of one of the top 100 estate agents in the country, Vicky always has her eye on innovative ways to make the Location Location service even better for clients.“We’ve always kept abreast of how technology can help us improve the service we offer, and this technology really caught our eye.

“It has been used in other parts of the world with great effect. As well as being great for sellers, it’s good for potential buyers who may be daunted at the thought of starting their search-we’re matching people with their dream homes without them even having to look!”

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Posted 12th March 2019