Bathroom Trends 2015

If you're looking for inspiration and schemes for a bathroom, look no further. Our trip to Milan Salone del Mobile was topped off with a stunning array of bathroom design, fresh, elegant, slick and unlike bathroom design we've seen. The brands really surpassed themselves this year.

Bathrooms with a solely tiled interior, white lighting, cold and stark, are gone. Warmth finds it's place in wall textures, furniture, lighting and floors. The bathroom is treated as a heart of the home, a place to stay and relax or a place to have a quick shower and feel at ease with our surroundings. Wood is generously used in place of gloss units and on walls, along with resins, wallpaper and even rugs and soft fabrics. Mirrors are considered as feature pieces instead of just a functional item we use under bright light. They are irregular, isolated even, backlit, and full length.

Storage is the bathroom, beneath the bath and within sink units turns the bathroom into a living area. Dressing tables and book shelves find themselves alongside wash areas. Don't be afraid to experiment with this new trend - it will aid a relaxed lifestyle. Furniture is placed asymmetrically, casually and with the mirror not necessarily above the basins.

We've seen a lot of pendant lights, single bulbs and backlit mirrors. Certainly where there is direct light, it's soft and dimmable.

Warmth finds it's place in wall textures, furniture, lighting and floors

Posted 11th November 2014


Matteo BianchiInterior Designer

Matteo Bianchi is a leading international interior designer based in London whose approach to design is Original and Inspired. Born in the inspiring City of Venice, Matteo has since opportunely lived in many countries since and came to train at the University of the Arts, Chelsea in London – where he now also teaches. Matteo understands good craftsmanship and elegant design, which is part of the Venetian culture. Combine this with a natural talent, curiosity and great passion; Matteo successfully leads a global design consultancy.